Cats Get Hungry, But When She Gives Them All Food… You’ve Gotta See The Results, OMG!!

It’s dinnertime for the kitties, so this lady lines all 12 of her cats up! The meal is on, and when you see how perfectly she has placed all the cats? You won’t believe this, but all the cats are sitting lightest to darkest shade – kind of like a color gradient!

This sweet looking ombre of kitties is something you just can’t help but laugh at – it’s adorable! The twelve kitties names are Yuki, Shou, Momo, Yuri, Ai, Bruce, Blackie, Kaya, Karu,James,Tiger,Goodie, and don’t worry! They are all spayed and neutered! :)

You’ve got to see how sweet these kitties look! It’s so cute, we’re in love! Watch here:

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