He Tried To Rescue A Stranded Cat, When All Of A Sudden… OMG!!

We always see cats being nice, but lets face it, sometimes cats can be rude! (Really rude!)  This ‘cat-jerk’ thought it might be cool to trap the other cat in a slightly filled pool… Thankfully some kind humans came to the rescue!

They thought they’d be recording a heroic rescue, but instead they caught something totally unexpected on camera.  The cat tries to push the poor cat trying to escape back into the pool, but then he gets exactly what he deserves!  Instant Cat-Karma… Just Watch:

We at the MeowPost don’t condone leaving pools open, as they are a hazard to human and cat life, but we think this video shows that if you try to take someone else down, you end up falling as well.

…so when you can, lend a hand or helping paw to others in need :)


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