Horrid Women Kicks Snow At Cat’s Face, But Then Gets EXACTLY What She Deserved…

This horrid women (possibly a cat-hater) has decided to treat this cold kitty in the snow in the most repulsive way I’ve ever witnessed…But thankfully ‘cat-hater-karma’ can strike back with quite the awesome effects!

Some people can be so cruel, but it’s amazing how karma can really give rude humans exactly what they deserve!

Just watch what she gets in return for kicking snow on a cold kitty’s face!

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RECENT UPDATE: This cat seen attacking the human kicking snow in his face was apparently ‘put down’ due to the animal control. They feared it would become dangerous to other humans, a sad ending to this cat’s life…

We’re not sure what to say, but we do know that nobody should be kicking any cat no matter what the reason. Here at TheMeowPost.com, we feel there could have been some other way to shoo the cat away and not antagonize the poor cold cat… What do you think?

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