WATCH: Cat Is Brought Back From Dead After Being Trapped In Revolving Door… This Is Heart-Stopping!

No one could’ve anticipated what was about to happen to the little white stray kitty. He entered the revolving doors of the hospital located in Istanbul, Turkey, and almost died right there.

The kitty got stuck in between the door and the wall, choking him right on his neck. When someone noticed he immediately stopped the door and tried to help the cat who was already wedged, unable to breathe.

Halil Akyürek, an ER doctor, immediately came to help. He managed to safely remove the cat from the door and started to give the lifeless kitty CPR. They gave him oxygen to help him breathe.

Finally, the kitty came back to life. They were all so amazed, they named the cat Miracle who slowly gained his strength back. The white kitty was so thankful to his rescuer, he started purring and sitting on his lap, immediately adopting him as his forever human.

Just watch this amazing turn of events – what a heart-stopping moment! Watch till the end:

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