12 Pictures That Prove Cats Can Do Anything… I Can’t Believe #5, WOW.

When we think of cats, most of us might think of our indoor cat that greats us with purrs and smiles each day, but not every cat is created equal! In fact these 12 cats are so out of the ordinary that you won’t believe it…

Cats love being adventurous and as you’ll see in the pictures below, they actually do pretty well at it!  Some cats don’t mind hiking, camping and much much more…But if you’re cat is even crazier, he/she might even enjoy surfing!! Checkout #5… WOW!!

Rock climbing cat scales mountains with his human and loves his adventurous life!
3-Cats Can Do Anything

Not all cats are the same…In fact some actually love to surf with their humans, just amazing!!

12-Cats Can Do Anything

Backpacking?? — It’s NO problem for this cute black kitty who loves going on adventures with his owner :)

1-Cats Can Do Anything

Emma Deans an adopted kitty enjoys his tent camping experience and rides his his owners backpack while he bikes!

5-Cats Can Do Anything

You’ve gotta be kidding me—This kitty has real diving gear suited perfectly for him! …He even has a light!

4-Cats Can Do Anything

This kitty loves exploring with his owner and doesn’t mind a leash at all and the adventure is worth it all… :)

6-Cats Can Do Anything

Cats even know how to sail… You might be surprised how good they are at it!!

7-Cats Can Do Anything

This kitty loves being adventurous and sheer cliffs are no obstacle for this kitty!

8-Cats Can Do Anything

Going canoeing? This kitty would hate to be left behind and enjoys the adventure proving that cats can do anything!

9-Cats Can Do Anything

More rock climbing for this kitty—and it’s no problem at all no matter how steep!

2-Cats Can Do Anything

Yuki was rescued into a loving home, but now enjoys climbing and even swims alongside his owners in Sweden.

11-Cats Can Do Anything

Lotus jumped from a table, but when his owners discovered him, they found that he broke his leg…However little Lotus doesn’t want to be left behind and meows to come along and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds—Nothing can stop little lotus!

10-Cats Can Do AnythingCats really do know how to be adventurous!!

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Via: BoredPanda + DailyMail + Uncyclopedia

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