13 Year Old Kitty Sat Alone In A Hotel Parking Lot Until Someone Noticed… I Can’t Imagine!

This poor 13-year old stray cat had lived a very hard life, but finally someone noticed her and cared enough to take her to San Diego Human Society.

She was found in the most tattered condition I’ve ever seen, hair completely matted and just skin and bones!  The poor bedraggled cat weighed in at just 3.5lbs (1.6kgs) due to her malnutrition and medical condition reported LoveMeow.

It’s hard to believe that anyone could ignore such a sorry looking cat for such a long time!  How could 16 years pass without someone blinking an eye, but finally this kitty made it home to someone who cared!


The poor bedraggled kitty spent about 2 months getting well at the human society a representative at the human society told LoveMeow this kitty “has an irresistible personality that has made her entire care team fall in love with her.”

They even made this kitty some special clothes to keep her warm while she was gaining some more weight and getting more of an appetite!



After recovering enough to live normally, she found her forever human!

“I couldn’t believe the shape she was in but I saw so much life and will in her eyes and knew she needed just the right home to be spoiled in her golden years,” Mendy-Sue Drew told Love Meow.

“I just wanted to help her get healthy and live a full life in comfort.”

Thank God for such a kind human like that took this poor little kitten in!


LoveMeow also spoke with Drew who said: “She is eating like a champ so the vet thinks she will be healthy in no time, she is quite the firecracker! So active and vocal and curious!”

“She has two brothers who are amazing and were adopted as older bonded cats too.”

It’s wonderful what a kind human with lots of love can really do!


Sweet sleep never was so comfortable since this kitty doesn’t have to live out in the cold anymore, instead she’s loved by a kind human that truly cares!

Picture credit via Instagram: gingersgeorgefluff

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H/T: LoveMeow & Image Credit Via gingersgeorgefluff

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