18 Pictures Of Cats That Grew Up (From Kittenhood To Adulthood) #7 = PRICELESS…

What’s even cuter than kitten photos? Photos of cats taken with their favorite humans, toys, and cat beds—several months, even years later. Their dedicated owners have not only captured their cats during their kittenhood, but have taken great care to photograph their cats in similar settings now.

These cat photos are several months apart. Some are six months apart, some are seventeen years apart. These photos capture the special bond between human and cat.

Best friends forever!

2_cats_huggingImage credits: imgur.com

Keeping an eye on things

2cats_patiodoorImage credits: imgur.com

Is it bath time yet?

blackcat_in_sinkImage credits: imgur.com

17 years later

boy_man_doorstepImage credits: imgur.com

Boy and cat—12 years later!

boy_man_flloor_orangewhite_catImage credits: imgur.com

I love my special case

cat_guitarImage credits: Imgur

What?! I still fit!

cat_in_hammockImage credits: Imgur

Still his favorite kitty bed

cat_in_round_bedImage credits: Imgur

Don’t worry, I’ll grow into it

cat_in_shoeboxImage credits: Imgur

Don’t you dare!

cat_in_sinkImage credits: reddit.com

I wonder why my human never uses this chair?

cat_on_office_chairImage credits: Imgur

6 months later—still the best thing he got at the liquor store!

cat_on_shoulderImage credits: Imgur

I love stealing purses!

cat_purseImage credits: reddit.com

Still snuggling after all this time

cat_shoulder_sleepImage credits: Flickr.com

Still my chair

cat_shreds_chairImage credits: Imgur

Why has my teddy gotten smaller?

cat_teddyImage credits: Reddit

One year later and she’s still a kitten!

cat_woman_shoulderImage credits: Imgur

Hey look! We still fit!

cats_sleeping bagImage credits: Imgur

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