21 Pictures Of Sleepy Kittens That Are SOO Cute, Your Heart Will Smile… Awwww!!!

It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it! Check out these adorable kittens! It doesn’t matter if it’s hard or soft, it’s fair game for sleeping on.

Kittens love to sleep given any opportunity. Don’t you just wish you could snuggle up with all this fluff?

Sorry, did you say something?

21_sleep_sitting_kittySource: Bored Panda

A pocket full of love

20_kitten_in_pocketSource: Bored Panda

Room for two

19_2_kitten_sleepSource: Bored Panda

Dreaming of milk

18_kitten_tongueSource: Bored Panda

BFFF—Best Fur Friend Forever

17_kittens_huggingSource: Bored Panda

I’m a bird! I’m a plane!

16_feet_in_airSource: Bored Panda

If I fits I sits

15_kitten_in_shoesSource: Bored Panda

Prison break

14_kitten_loves_cageSource: Bored Panda

Hover cat dreams

13_hover_cat_sleepSource: Bored Panda

It’s never too hot

12_hot_cat_buttSource: Bored Panda

I have my teddy . . . now I can sleep!

11_kitten_hugs_bearSource: Bored Panda

Three furry triplets

10_spotted_cat_bunchSource: Bored Panda

Should we get up? Nah!

9_flat_on_backSource: Flickr

Little ball of fur

8_round_fluffSource: 500px

What were you say . . . zzzzzzz

7_kitten_in_pocketSource: Bored Panda

Lost in a good book

6_kitten_in_bookSource: Bored Panda

It’s really comfortable—trust me!

5_cat_musicSource: Reddit

Thank you for the awesome kitty bed!

4_cat_in_bootSource: Reddit

A double dose of cuteness!

3_tiny_kitten_with_mommySource: Reddit

They’re right, tissues are kitten soft!

2_tissue_box_bedSource: Reddit

Is this a cute ball of fluff or is it … a kitten?!

1_grey_ballSource: Imgur

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