24-Hour Kitten Nursery Does Something Amazing For Cats Who Are Nearly Euthanized…

The San Diego Humane Society’s Kitten Nursery is doing something amazing every day for kittens, but it’s not just every day, its a full-time 24 hour job that requires lots of work, but also lots of love.

This particular nursery cares for thousands of orphaned and abandoned kittens each year! If they were taken to other shelters, they would most likely be euthanized because of the lack of money it takes to care for them, but thats where this shelter comes in to save those that would otherwise be killed.

It was established in 2008 and is making a difference each day for thousands of kittens!


They are taken in from the cold outside, rescued and then saved!  After they are in good health they can then be adopted into loving homes, however if these cats ended up at other shelters they would be euthanized as the lack of funds to save the large amount is just not available.


It takes 24-hours each day from kind-hearted and dedicated people to keep up this no-kill shelter for the thousands of cats they save each year… It’s truly amazing what they do!


If it weren’t for kind hearted people like this, many kittens wouldn’t survive…  WATCH VIDEO:

A big ‘thank you’ to these amazing people!

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