25 Struggles That Every Cat-less Cat Lover Will Understand… #5 Is HILARIOUS…

Are you one of the millions of people who wishes they had a cat—but don’t? Your landlord won’t allow one. You can’t afford one. Your partner is allergic. Whatever the reason, every cat you see is grounds for a major cuddle session. You’d just love to sneak them home in your bag wouldn’t you? Common sense stops you, for now.

Just look at these cuties! They don’t help your situation at all do they?

Remember the first time you saw kittens, and you became a cat person forever?

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Unfortunately, this is how you feel, as you haven’t figured out how to have a cat just yet.

2_sad_cat_chairSource: imgur.com

This cat is sad, because he can’t have a cat.

3_sad_cat_hugs_postSource: imgur.com

Allergies are no excuse–Buy them a box of antihistamines!

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Can’t stay in one place? Perhaps now is not the right time for you.

5_cat_climbing_windowSource: instagram.com

You long for something more … something cuddly and purry perhaps?

6_cat_looks_downSource: instagram.com

You take every outdoor opportunity to pet a cat—Even if it means being late.

7_himalyan-holding_handsSource: instagram.com

You brave the traffic to pet a strange cat. Who cares how silly you look?

8_cat_meets_handSource: imgur.com

I love kitties! You don’t need to hide from me.


You’ve made friends with all the neighborhood cats, and even made up names for each one!

10_cat_wavesSource: imgur

You’ll book a friend date with your friend’s cat … and they don’t find it weird.

12_animated_dog_massageSource: imgur.com

You can’t work, unless you have your daily cat fix on the internet.

13_cat_on_keyboardSource: favim.com

You’ll stop all work if you can just cuddle with furry goodness.

14_kitten_in_blanketSource: instagram.com

You go so far as to search the pet finding websites, in case a special someone is waiting for you.

15_2_kittens_pink_blanketSource: gumtree.com

You have already selected your favorite cat breed, and know where you’ll adopt from.

16_standing_catSource: instagram.com

Most likely you have already selected your kitty’s new name.

17_cat_tagsSource: instagram.com

It’s a difficult choice to make. You’d like a kitten to grow with you.

18_sleepy_kittenSource: instagram.com

But there are so many older cats who need homes too.


You’ll often visit pet rescue centers to pet and play with the kitties.

20_cat_in_cageSource: imgur.com

You’ve almost done it—gone out and adopted your furry dream.

21_3_kittens_in_basketSource: goodpixgallery.com

But in the end, you knew that you couldn’t. Sad isn’t it?

22_big_cat_eyesSource: instagram.com

It wouldn’t be fair to kitty. They’re expensive, and you have to prepare for one.

23_animated_cat_toilet_paperSource: gifsoup.com

You want a forever friend, and you want a permanent residence together.

24_holding_handsSource: instagram.com

But one day, you both shall meet, and it will be like magic.

25 reserved_for_catSource: instagram.com

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