91 Year Old Women Does The Unthinkable For Her Cat When Massive Tornado Hits… Unbelievable.

This amazing story was posted via YouTube by user “Fireman John” who reported the most heartwarming story I think I’ve ever heard.

John reportedly has been a fire fighter for 34 years, but when he was helping clean up derbies from a tornado that’s when he found the most heartbreaking, but amazing thing EVER… “When I found her, she still had both arms wrapped around her cat, the women chose to protect her pet not herself.” John said.

The women of 91 years reportedly died in the horrible tornado, but she gave her life to save her cat who is now seen in the video below.  True love does amazing things… I’m in tears watching this, it’s absolutely amazing what she did, Watch Video:

We’re not sure of her exact injuries which caused her to die, but one thing we do know, anyone who would love their animal this much deserves much respect.  Love like this is nothing short of incredible—SHARE this story with your friends.

Source: Reddit, and YouTube Fireman John

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