Abandoned Kittens Were Found In A Box, But When You See The Ending… AMAZING.

Henry is a neurologically impaired cat and has a hard time standing straight.  He’s 8-months old, but can’t even walk straight and wobbles due to his disorder. However Henry is surprising people with an incredible mothering instinct that is leaving everyone in shock!

After being introduced to some abandoned kittens, Henry immediately started nurturing them with an amazing love and kindness that nobody expected from this male cat…

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After these kittens were found, they were taken to a local humane society.  Heather Muench from Ketchikan Humane Society was caring for the kittens when all of a sudden Henry the 8-month old male cat decided to come over and lend a helping paw.

His paternal instinct kicked as he started licking and cleaning. “It’s really kind of cute,” said Muench.


He didn’t just stop by licking one kitten, but spent hour after hour nurturing and giving the babies love.  Because of his love these kittens now have a better chance of surviving.

Anytime these kittens need to go for feeding or vet trips, Henry gets very worried. He doesn’t take his job lightly!

“Yesterday, when I took them to work with me, he was very upset because someone had stolen his babies for the day,” Muench added. “When they came home, he was like, ‘Get them out of the carrying case. Put my babies back!”


“Mama Henry paced and cried all day because Opposable Thumbs made off with his kittens and took them to the veterinary clinic. When they were returned, he hopped in to give everyone a thorough washing and make sure they were all in good shape. You can tell by the look he gives the camera at the end that he’s saying, ‘Well, lucky for you they’re fine, but don’t let this happen again.’”


Henry is a very devoted foster dad and gives life saving love to these needy kittens, it’s simply incredible… Watch the video:

Posted by Ketchikan Humane Society on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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