At First I Thought It Was A Dalmatian Puppy, But Then I Took A Second Look… OMG!

We bet you’ve never seen a cat like this before! He has beautiful black and white markings on his nose and legs that resemble a Dalmatian dog, with cow’s markings on his body’s fur coat. These markings are what makes this black and white kitty so special. Everyone has seen a Dalmatian dog, but not a Dalmatian cat.

This beautiful black and white cat is called “The Dalmatian Cat” and has a loving owner. He also loves visitors.

Who’s your daddy?

Damatian_cat_standingCat and dog crosses aren’t possible, but it certainly does appear that mum and dad had a fairy tail ending. And look at his whiskers! He’s going to fall over!

Will you be my friend?

Dalmatian_cat_on_lapThis kitty looks happy and healthy! Wouldn’t you love to be his owner? There are plenty of cuddles with this one. While he does have a good home, you can still see how loving he is.

Look at these adorable Dalmatian marked paws!

Dalmatian_cat_legsYou can really see the Dalmatian effects in this kitty’s fur coat. Look at that fluffy black tail! Don’t you just want to snuggle up?

Dalmatian cat knows he’s special

Dalmatian_cat_on_lap2This kitty makes maximum usage of warm laps. He can’t disappoint humans who need some extra loving attention. After all, his job is to keep laps warm, and he is purrfect at it!

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Via: Love Meow

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