At First It Looks Like A Normal Patio, But Take A Closer Look… OMG.

At first it seems like a normal patio, but when you start to look at it closer, you see what it really is!

This isn’t a patio at all… It’s a ‘Catio’ and it’s genius!  This patio for might seem cool at first, but just wait till you see all the picture, it’s truly an amazing paradise for cats!

This amazing structure allows the cat to be outdoors, but also safe and sound all at the same time!

Life can be a little boring for a cat stuck in the house all day, but these amazing ‘catio’ structures are the purrfect solution! :)


At first it seems like a normal patio, but don’t be quick to judge, it’s a whole lot more then you think…


There’s enough room for cats to go outside and enjoy the sun, but just enough protection from the dangers of the outside world.


There’s even a special window catio for the cats! You might be wondering how the cats get here?? Just keep scrolling…


If you’re wondering how these cats get to their various catio locations, here it is!

By using little ramps installed against the fences and against the house, these custom ‘catio’ pathways offer the purrfect access to all of the cats favorite places!

catio-cat-patio-9 catio-cat-patio-8

I’m pretty sure this is paradise for cats, don’t you think?? :)


These pathways give cats the best view of everything while offering protection from the outside dangers.  This might just be cat heaven!

catio-cat-patio-6catio-cat-patio-10Now these cats get to enjoy the great outdoors anytime they want!


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