Betty The Fluffy Cat Who’s Best Friend Isn’t Who You Might Think…And Their BESTEST Friends!! :)

Cats make friends with humans, other cats, and even dogs. But when a cat has a best friend who’s not who you’d expect, it makes their friendship even more adorable.

Betty is a fluffy cat who’s best friend has a wiggly nose, and extremely long ears. But he doesn’t purr. She may think he’s one weird looking cat, but they’re both best friends for life.

Keeping each other warm. 

Cat_and_rabbit_cuddleBetty is a beautiful fluffy brown furred cat, and Luke is a peachy colored rabbit.

Time for the daily bath. 

Cat_licks_rabbitThe two pets are affectionate towards one another.

Do we get to go on a trip?

Cat_and_rabbit_in_cageThe pair enjoy sharing the same pet taxi together.

I forgot to kiss you today!

Rabbit_kisses_catLuke, the bunny rabbit just adores Betty.

I love you too!

Cat_kisses_bunnyBetty thinks he’s one funny-looking cat, but that’s okay, she loves him too.

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Via: lovemeow 

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