This Big Kitten Was Abandoned By His Mom, But Then He Found His ‘Real’ Mom…

This big kitten was being neglected by his real mom.  His mom didn’t seem to want to even give the slightest notice to her poor kitten, but when this kitty discovered another farm moma in the hay one day, something wonderful happened!

“The big kitten has a mom, but she has never taken much interest in her children, so when he saw this happy little family he decided to snuggle with them instead. The mother immediately welcomed him in the family.” (Via: reddit)


When he discovered his ‘real’ family, this sweet cat mom immediately accepted him as one of her own, she even lets him nurse with the others!

2-cat-mom-adopts-kitten She even gives her new big kitten hugs of love—It’s the motherly love he needed all along!



All the other kittens even decided to become friends with the ‘new’ bigger family member.


Photos Via Reddit / Imgur

They’re all bonding wonderfully together!


They even found a way to somehow occupy the dogs bowelAll at the same time!


A true mothers love can do amazing things, just like this…

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