Blind Kitten Became Friends With A Fluffy Black Cat For A Special Reason… AMAZING.

When this blind grey kitten came to the shelter, they realized that he needed a special friend. He soon became friends with a fluffy black cat.

Now both cats share a special bond. The black cat has become a seeing eye cat for the blind kitten. They are now both waiting for a loving home, and must both be adopted together.

We’re best friends forever. 

Best_cat_friendsThe blind cat was named Blinkin’, and his furry black friend is Hefty. They both met at the SPCA center in Albrecht Aiken, South Carolina. Hefty was born in the shelter, and now is all grown up. Blinkin’ joined the shelter one month later.

If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

I_can_see_youAfter Blinkin’ moved in, the staff at the SPCA soon realized the kitten was born blind. They matched him up with Hefty, hoping that the kitten would learn to be more independent. While Hefty is his guide cat, both are still best buds.

Blinkin’ has plenty of play space, but really needs his own forever home.

Cat_sticks_out_tongueHefty helps guide Blinkin’ around the room. SPCA staff say it’s really sweet to see them play together.

Handsome Hefty

Fluffy_seeing_eye_catBoth cats love to play, and will be a handful for their future owner. They have both been in the shelter for some time now.

Friends that play together, stay together. 

Blind_cat_plays_with_friendShelter staff are not only looking for the right home for this pair, they are also seeking a home where they can both stay together.

Blinkin’ and Hefty love to play together. 

Both_cats_love_to_playBoth these cats are a package deal for their future adopter.

Hefty and Blinkin’ together.

2_cats_in_shelterBlinkin’ is starting to grow up. It’s believed he can vaguely see shadows and shapes.

It’s snuggle time. 

Black_cat_with_blind_catIsn’t this pair just adorable?

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