Boy Waits Every Day For The School Bus, But When You See What The Cat Does…Your Heart Will Melt!!

Oh my goodness, this just touched my heart! – This boy waits every day for school, but before the bus comes, he’s not alone.  This faithful kitty loves his human and waits for him to leave on the school bus and waits for him to come home!

If this isn’t the sweetest thing, then I don’t know what is!


It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, this kitty faithfully waits for his human in the sweetest way ever.

He is said to be doing this every morning without any sign of stopping anytime soon.

This kitty is fondly named Fish.  It’s amazing, because he will stay by the side of his little human until his bestfriend gets inside the bus.

The Reddit poster insta1234 said that Fish got his name from his best friend.

“My son named him.” he said, Fish has been doing this all year long without missing a school day! Cats are known to be stubborn compared to dogs, so it’s actually quite rare to hear a story like this!  This is just wonderful!


This sweet feline always makes sure his friend gets safely into the bus, then he will turn around and go back to the house.  He always waits till his human is safe in the bus, it’s truly priceless.

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