Someone Opened The Door And Saw A Cat FROZEN To The Porch… WATCH How He Survived!!

It’s very sad when we hear something like this hit the news, but the end of this story is a good one!  This story comes from Local4 News:

Animal rescuers rushed to the scene when someone reported a cat was stuck to their porch in Redford.  After the kind rescuers at Tail Waggers rescued the poor black kitty it was nursed back to health with injuries…

It makes us feel VERY sad that anyone would let their cat stay out in the cold. I can’t believe anyone would ever abandon a cat in the first place and its very sad to hear a story like this, but it always makes our day when another cat is rescued!

A successful animal rescue always brings a smile to our face as it will to you too, Watch:

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(credit: Local4 news)

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