Cat Goes To Police Asking For Help, But You Won’t Believe The Surprise They Got Next…

Busan, South Korea has some kind police officers who noticed a cat who looked like she was asking for help.  They decided to watch after her and made her a place to stay, but then… They got a surprise!


The cat just came up and wanted help, but they didn’t expect the surprise they got next…


At first it was just one large cat, but then… omg!!


They noticed she had just had babies!  They thought they were hiring 1 new kitty police officer, but instead it turned out to be a lot more than they thought at first!

They even got the kittens cute police outfits.  This cat family has become the first kitty police officers ever and it’s just adorable!!  These kittens and mom are now healthy and happy!


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story/pictures via: honesttopaws

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