Cat Mom Rushes Into Fire 5 Times, But The Reason Why Proves The Power Of True Love… WOW.

The power of true love is great and you’ll see exactly what I mean when you see the ending to this incredible story.

A stray cat mom was living on the streets with no home.  She was looking for a place to take her kittens and keep them safe, but then one day she noticed an abandoned garage, so she moved her kittens into the garage to stay warm…

Unfortunately this same abandoned garage structure was allegedly used as a place for drug users and one day the most horrifying thing happened, the garage caught on fire!


When mother cat discovered her new home burning down, she instantly started taking her kittens outside to safety!


Mothers poor face was disfigured from the fire, it took her 5 times going BACK into the fire to rescue her furry children, but she never gave up!


This mothers amazing love saved her kittens and luckily she also made it out alive after the 5th time back into the fire.

car-rescues-kittens-from-burning-garage-7After extensive help at the animal clinic, this stray mother was nursed back to health.  Some meds are necessary to keep this cat living healthy since the accident, but the story of this cat and her kitten lives on forever as one of the most incredible stories ever recorded.

Thankfully someone stepped forward to adopt the mother and hundreds of letters later followed requesting to adopt the kittens!


This mother still didn’t give up, she still wanted to be by her kittens, protecting them, even with sever damages to her skin and body—Her spirit never gave up!


Kind humans from all over were awestruck when they heard this story and all kittens were adopted into good homes, but the story can never be forgotten!



Some stories are hard to forget, this one in particular is one of the most astounding stories I’ve ever heard.  I don’t think any of us here at will be forgetting this incredible story anytime soon… WOW.

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