Cat Nearly Jumps Off Balcony At NFL Game, But Then Kind Human Notices, Rescues & Adopts!

This man noticed that a cat was about to jump off the balcony at Arrowhead Stadium during the Raiders-Chiefs NFL game, so he knew he had to do something!

The man seen wearing a Packers jersey decided to ask security if he could keep the cat and they said it was ok!

“We just found it up on this balcony about to jump so Sammy grabbed it and security told us to keep it,” said reddit user shortround10.


During the Raiders-Chiefs game, there was something even more amazing happening, a cat rescue happening right at the game!  When this man found a cat about to jump, he decided to rescue the cat from his fate and give him a new forever family!


This cat was thought to be stray, but after finding a new friend through unusual circumstances, a forever home is found!

We’re very happy that someone decided to open their family!

3-cat-rescued-at-nfl-game 4-cat-rescued-at-nfl-game

While other people might took home good memories from this NFL game, this kind human took home the most precious thing that anyone can have, a rescued cat, a heart full of love!

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Images / story via Reddit / LoveMeow

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