Cat Rescues Two Baby Squirrels Found In Yard, But Just Watch Them Now… AMAZING.

This cat has done something that you’ve probably never heard of before, and it’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen a cat do!

Most cats hunt squirrels, but this cat? She’s not your normal cat!  Instead of hunting them, Mimi has decided to save two abandoned squirrels that were left outside in the yard.

This cat is inspiring and such a sweetheart…

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“Many years ago my cat rescued two baby squirrels from the yard. Trying to find them proper help is how I became a wildlife rehabilitator,” said Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates.

“My last house had a totally enclosed yard with eight foot fences. I had a cat door going outside. Mimi first brought in one baby. My other cat Boots tried to take the baby but Mimi protected “her” baby,” Cummins said via Love Meow.

“Mimi must have heard another baby outside yet I heard nothing. Mimi went and got it and brought it inside and put it with the other baby in her cat bed.”


Mimi took it under herself to watch and care for these little squirrels just like a mom would until the rehabber was able to take them, and soon after they were released to the wild!

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Via: LoveMeow

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