Cat Stuck In Shelter Paws On The Window, But Then Someone Finally Noticed… Now See The Results…

A poor senior kitty was stuck in a shelter.  At age 13, she wasn’t very adoptable because people wanted younger cats more then older cats.  Sadly poor Siena kept sitting.  She would paw at the window begging for a little love.  Then someone noticed and decided to open their heart and home!

Lovemeow reported that Sienna was recently turned into the Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey after her human passed away.  The poor kitty missed having her faithful human to love and wanted someone, but all she could do is paw at the glass at passerby’s until someone noticed.


Senior cats are often ignored, but they have a lot to offer and a heart full of love!

It’s almost as if Sienna was saying “Please, won’t someone notice. please pet me and love me, PLEASE…”


Thanks to LoveMeow, Terri saw the heartbreaking pictures of this poor cat wanting someone to love, she knew what she had to do!  She went to the sanctuary and gave this kitty a place to call her home!


You can see how sweet this kitty in the video below, adopting a senior cat is worth the love!

This senior kitty has given back so much love, nobody could have ever imagined.  Senior cats really are amazing!  She cuddles her human all the time and won’t stop purring and saying thank you!

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Pictures via DIVA’S CAT SHAMING PAGE, story via LOVEMEOW blog.

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