Cat Waited In The Same Spot Every Day For His Owners For Over A Year After Being Abandoned

People kept noticing a cat that would roam around a certain part of town.  People didn’t know who owned the cat, but when they discovered the shocking truth, I just cried in my heart.

Someone finally noticed that this cat would sit in the same exact spot every day.  People assumed that the cat was waiting for his owners to come home, but something seemed wrong.  The cat came back every day and just sat in this one spot waiting and watching.


People kept taking pictures and many wanted to know who the owner of the cat was, but still nobody knew what happened until someone finally saw he picture photographed in 2015 in Russia`s Belgorod Region and told everyone the truth about why he was sitting in this same spot every day and it broke my heart…



The owners of this cat once lived next to this area, but then they moved and decided to just leave the cat behind outside. The poor kitty waited everyday for his owners to return, but sadly they never did.  We’ve reached out to see what has happened to the cat, but as we know he has vanished. We only hope that someone was able to take the poor kitty inside and give him the love that such a loyal cat truly deserves.


This story is very sad and it breaks our heart to write it, but it does prove that cats are loyal, they are our best friends!—SHARE this story with your friends.

(Story verified and posted originally by the DailyMail)

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