He Was Crippled And Couldn’t Walk, But Then His Owners Did Something Amazing… I Love This!

I love it when I hear stories like this; it restores hope in humanity. This heartwarming story about a crippled cat is truly heartwarming!

Budd was born a little different then the other cats.  He couldn’t walk and he couldn’t even stand… This is sad, but thankfully his owners loved him and gave him a new life!  Even against all the odds, he won’t let anything stop him!

Thankfully the Cat Depot rescued Budd after finding out he had Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  His new owners did amazing things for this kitty!

Don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom!  This is beautiful…

Budd has a hard life, but he doesn’t let this get him down…  He’s a real champ!
Cerebellar Hypoplasia kittyThey didn’t know if he would make it, but Budd kept fighting on!kitty-disabled-rescuedWith help from his human parents, he’s moving around just fine, including eating and using the litter box.  It’s amazing how fast he is learning!Cerebellar Hypoplasia kitten
Even her fellow feline friends give him the love he needs :)
Cerebellar Hypoplasia cat
Budd is well loved by everyone and is making great progress thanks to his new cart!
Cerebellar Hypoplasia cat rescue

His story is truly heartwarming and nearly brought tears to my eyes… It’s always beautiful when a cat is loved and given a second chance! WATCH:

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(Credit for all of this goes to the Cat Depot)

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