Cat Wonders Outside And Comes Back With The Most Adorable Little Surprise… “They adopted each other!”

Posey the cat came up to a house with her kittens, hungry and wanting someone to take her in – when Claudia Wright saw the adorable kittens and mother, she just couldn’t say no and decided to adopt her.

When her kittens had grown up, they found new homes, but she always missed them… Then one day something amazing happened!

One eventful day, Posey went outside to play for a little bit and never came back for almost 2 hours. When Posey finally came back, she had a stray kitten with her!

“I guess she missed having a baby around and found one,” Wright told The Dodo.

The tiny 7-week-old kitten was dirty and need of attention and bottle feeding, so Claudia immediately did what she could to take care of the poor bedraggled kitten. – After Posey found this kitten she had so much love, she couldn’t leave the wee thing abandoned, so she brought him her back home to her humans! – It’s Just amazing!

They named the kitten Meesy and she’s fitting in wonderfully in her new family – Watching Meesy and Posey is the cutest thing ever, they have truly adopted each other in the most loving way ever!

“The kitten has never been seen around the neighborhood,” Wright said. “I already verified the kitten isn’t anyone else’s. Meesy must have gotten separated from her mother and she and Posey may have just come across each other.” – H/T TheDoDo.

This story will go down as one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen – Meesy found her forever home all because of one kind loving cat who let her come home with her – just beautiful!

(credit via Claudia Wright h/t thedodo)

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