Cats Are Coming To Your Post Office, Just Wait Till You See This… Totally Awesome!!

Something exciting is coming to your very own post office! Now that might not be a sentence you hear every day, but just wait till you see this. The U.S. Postal Service announced that later this year (2016), they will be rolling out a new book of stamps that will feature CATS! 

The booklet will contain 20 stamps featuring popular types of pets in the United States. USPS states on their website that the new stamps were created to “celebrate America’s love for pets”.


Two pretty kitties will be featured in this new stamp book, and you will Awww over how adorable they look.

kitten-forever-stamp-2016forever-stamp-cat-2016Images: USPS

Of course, if you want to see your own kitty on a stamp, USPS has the purr-fect answer for you! The Create Mail & Stamps feature on their website allows you to custom make stamps to show off your favorite furry friend.

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