Cats Are Naturally Curious, But This Cat? Just Wait Till You See Where He’s Been!

Millie is not your average cat. She loves going on great explorations with her friend Craig Armstrong. Craig is an outdoor aficionado, and was seeking a companion for his extreme outdoor activities.

He visited the local animal shelter to find the perfect cat. There he found Millie, who was eager to climb and explore. Little did she know what Craig had planned!

Millie loves climbing

Millie_and_Craig Craig knew that Millie was the perfect cat when she jumped up on his shoulders. This is not a feat that all cats can or want to do.

Like most cats, Millie loves the outdoors

millie_goes_exploringMillie was eager to join Craig for some outdoor fun. Here she is running through the sand. What other adventures would Millie get to try with her new Dad?

Millie starts her training

Millie_wallCats may take a bit more work to train than dogs, but they’re still eager to learn. Craig brought Millie to a climbing wall where she could learn the ropes.

Millie has fun in the park

millie_parkBefore bringing Millie on his outdoor adventures, he wanted to ensure his cat was fully trained, and could handle extreme situations. Millie has the chance to try climbing and jumping from rock to rock in the local park, as well as climbing trees.

Millie’s climbing training progresses

Millies-progressCraig starts bringing Millie on his climbing trips. He always ensures she is kept safe, and she often wears a harness and other safety gear.

Hiking in extreme conditions

more_cat_adventuresSometimes there are long hikes under extreme conditions to get to the desired climbing location. Craig ensures that Millie stays hydrated, and she has a safe place to retreat to, when meeting wild animals.

Millie is a climbing natural

Millie_climbing_rockMillie not only loves to climb and explore, but she is also adept at jumping great distances. Often Millie can go places that Craig cannot reach.


Millie and Craig have learned to appreciate nature together

millie_and_craig copyCraig is thrilled to have an outdoor companion to share his hiking and climbing experiences with. He’s gotten some amazing shots of Millie navigating through different types of terrain. Together, they’ll continue exploring the best that nature has to offer.

Millie and Craig are best friends forever!

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