Couple Sells Everything to Buy a Boat… Wait Till You See the New Crew Member!

Matt and Jessica Johnson weren’t happy living the American Dream. They had their jobs, but weren’t content to simply sit in front of a TV each night winding down.

It wasn’t long before they realized that they weren’t being very productive, and sought a happier life. Did they really want to live in a house and be stuck in a revolving door of boredom, or did they want to sell everything and travel the world?

Matt and Jessica had no children of their own, but it’s funny what life has in store for you when you make a change…

 Matt and Jessica’s boat trip changed their lives

Jessica and Matt were fascinated by sailing. One day they decided to give it a try, and went on a sailing trip. As they sailed around, they thought how much fun it would be to own their own boat, rather than being on someone else’s boat.

The Johnsons sell everything to buy a sailboat!

sailing_lifestyleMatt and Jessica decided that rather than buying another piece of property, they’d rather buy a sailboat instead. Their dream was to sail the world. In 2011 they sold everything they owned, and embarked on their own sailing adventure, managing to live off just $1000 per month.

Look who joins them!cat_joins_the_crewIn 2012 they add a member to their crew: Georgie the cat! It turns out that Georgie has some very special sailing skills too!

Georgie navigates the high seas

cat_navigates_the_seasApparently Georgie is a natural at sailing. Not only is she steadier on her feet, she is also in charge of the ship’s navigation.

Georgie the Cat lends a paw where needed

cat_lends_a_handThe Johnsons have visited 16 countries since they adopted Georgie, including Cuba, Peru, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. Georgie is happy to help out where needed.

Georgie loves swimming

cat_drying_offGeorgie has many other talents. The Johnson’s were surprised to learn that Georgie can swim. She jumped off the boat in Grand Cayman, then swam around to the back, and up the ladder. Their confidence in Georgie’s sailing skills has increased tenfold and the cat has proven she can look after herself on the water.

Georgie cat hard at work

cat_hard_at_workIf it involves finding a nook with a soft bed, Georgie knows exactly what to do.

The Johnson’s don’t settle for a boring life; it’s the best life!

Johnsons_sailing_adventureThe Johnson’s, including Georgie the cat, are enjoying their high seas adventure. For them, they realized that the average concept of school, work, family just wasn’t for them. Along the way, they adopted Georgie, who wasn’t into the standard cat life either.

Now that’s the most adorable sailing crew I’ve ever seen!

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