He Heard A Kitten Crying Outside, So He Traced The Sound…And THIS Is What He Found!

He heard a kitten crying for help somewhere outside, so he went looking for it.  When he discovered this cute little white fluff ball crying for help, he knew he had to do something!

There was no mother in sight and this kitten’s cries of desperation could be heard across the yard—Just in time for this kind man to save the kitten!

He starting petting the poor kitten and noticed that his eyes were crusted shut, but kitty could feel the love.

“This morning my husband discovered a small (stray?) kitten in the freezing cold at his employers work shop. His eyes are matted shut, we are taking him to the vet as soon as possible tomorrow. He is home and safe now, with a heating pad and has eaten some wet food. We were able to get one of his eyes to open.”

“Took her to the vet yesterday, and she is 3-4 weeks old. Everything looks healthy, and her eyes cleared up even more overnight. The vet decided she didn’t need any medication for them. She has fleas, so we just got done giving her a bath, and pulling about 50 fleas from her!” Reported via: LoveMeow

This kitten hasn’t been named yet, but there’s one thing for sure, she’s happier than ever!


Image credit: Instagram

UPDATE: This story gets even better!  You might remember the story of Skidmark who was rescued from the middle of an intersection? …Well it looks like Skidmark has a new sister now—They’re from the same family!

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