Cute Googly-Eyed Kitten Survives Abandonment… Wait Until You See How Lucky She Is!!

The life of a kitten can be uncertain, especially when you’re born to a stray or feral mum. But every kitten is precious, and when you see how adorable this little girl is, you’ll want to adopt her for your very own!

Winnie had a hard life. Her mommy disappeared. She was spending her time huddled behind a fridge, until a human found her. She was one of the lucky ones! See how previous and adorable she is with the biggest googly eyes ever!

So tiny, even her claws are adorable

tiny_kitten_google_eyesThe Tenth Life Rescue organization in St. Louis, Missouri was called in to help this precious black kitten. She was named Winnie. This look is sure to capture someone’s heart and give her a good home.

Spokeswoman for Tenth Life, Elizabeth Frick has said that Winnie was found by a former volunteer to the rescue organization. Winnie was only three weeks old. Most likely she was born to a feral cat, on the streets. It’s uncertain what happened to the mother.

Winnie was found behind a board, behind an old refrigerator. It’s amazing that something alerted the volunteer to have a look.

Three weeks old, but still a rough life

googly_eyed_catWinnie came to the shelter with an upper respiratory infection, which is quite common in stray kittens. She was having trouble breathing. Another volunteer called Hannah stepped forward to provide care. Winnie needed
antibiotics, eye medication, and nebulizer steam treatments to help her breathe.

Don’t let her looks fool you—she’s one tough kitty!

cute_black_kittenAt first it appeared Winnie wouldn’t make it. She was taken to the emergency vet for further treatment. Not all kittens can be so lucky. Without any progress after the first day, things were looking grim for Winnie. After twenty-four hours, she purred on, and was able to be returned to the shelter.

Winnie loves belly rubs!

Winnie_catWinnie has bounced back, and her rescuers couldn’t be more thrilled.

Winnie will soon be ready for her forever home. The Tenth Life Rescue Organization in St. Louis, Missouri is hoping that you’ll come in to meet Winnie, and perhaps you might wish to adopt?

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