They Noticed This Dangerous Alligator Trying To Eat, But NEVER Expected The Cat To Do THIS!…

Here at, we’re always looking for stories, videos, or pictures of amazing encounters with cats and this incredible piece of footage truly left us in disbelief!

At first they noticed an alligator trying to eat his food, but as everyone watches, this brave cat steps up and decides he’s hungry and wants some of the food too!

Some of the people unfortunately are laughing (Which we don’t approve of), but I don’t think anyone was ready to step in front of the alligator and the cat seemed to know exactly what he was doing…

This cat WON’T take NO for an answer… It might have cost him his life, but his boldness paid off.

Nobody expected this cat to ever challenge such a large creature in such a daring way like this, but what they caught on video is simply unbelievable… WATCH:

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( did NOT take this footage, but it was shared by another user on YouTube.  We don’t approve of the laughing, but the sheer amazement of any cat standing up against such a large and powerful creature is truly a testament to how amazing cats are !)

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