Dangerous Seizures Would Nearly Kill Him, But This Amazing Cat Knows Just What To Do… This is AMAZING

Unfortunately Glen has dangerous seizures, but when his cat senses that he is having a seizure while he’s sleeping, kitty bits his toes and wakes him up; saving his life!

Blake the black kitty has a sixth sense and can sense when his human needs a life saving bite.  It’s true, it really does save his life.  Although Blake the kitty isn’t trained at all to be a therapy animal, he still knows just what to do and the results are truly life-saving!

Glen also has special brain conditions, but his cat saves him anytime he needs a nudge, or a bite to alert him of something important!  It’s just amazing… Watch Video:

Because of this sweet kitty, Glen is recorded as the longest living person with his condition… Amazing!—SHARE this story with your friends!

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