Disabled Veteran Rescues A Cat, But In Return He Got Something Truly Amazing…

We’re always hearing stories about people rescuing pets, but when the cat does the rescuing, it’s remarkable! Sometimes a needy human needs someone to cuddle with, and talk openly about their concerns, without a lot of comments. A furry companion was just what the doctor ordered, for Rukia8492, Reddit user.

He posted a true story about becoming disabled, and recovering from his duties in Hawaii. What happens next will warm your heart.

“I’m here to keep you warm, rescuer” :)

Cat_lies_on_veteranCamille-lynn is a large cat who loves to snuggle with her human. Rukia suffers from terrible anxiety, so it’s Camille-lynn’s job is to soothe and calm him. He got the anxiety after a bad experience while serving in the army.

Rub my belly please!

Cat_wants_tummy_rubRukia spent nine years in the army, with three tours in war-torn Afghanistan. In November 2013, he was stationed in Hawaii. He had surgery on his right ankle, to fix damaged tendons.

While recovering, his wife saw a post on the Schofield Barracks pet page of Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to adopt a cat, free to a good home. His wife asked him if they should adopt, and he immediately said yes! They picked the cat up and brought her home.

We’ll always be together.

Big_cat_on_lapThe first thing they noticed was how affectionate Camille-lynn was. About a week and a half in, Rukia suffered one of his terrible anxiety attacks. They were caused by a terrible helicopter crash he witnessed in Afghanistan. He’d had to pull survivors from the crash, but others did not make it.

This is my chair now.

Cat_on_couchAs Rukia had his anxiety attack, his cat walked onto his chest, and started making biscuits. She also started spending more time with him, and sleeping on or near him.

No human here, must sleep anyway.

Cat_sleepingIn June 2014, Rukia was released from the army. He left Hawaii, and he and his cat flew on the plane to Florida, with her right beside him.

The happy family together, furever.

Cat_hanging_out_with_humanRukia is so attached to Camille-lynn now, that he’d never give her up. She consistently helps him through his anxiety attacks. The cat has saved his life many times, just like he saved her.

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