This Dog Noticed The New Adopted Kitten, Then Something Amazing Happened… AWWW!

Charlie the dog saw the new kitten and instantly knew what he had to do!  He adopted the kitten as his own and now Phoenix the rescue kitten spends hours of time with the dog.

Both the dog and the kitten have adopted each other and love spending endless amounts of time together!

Charlie the dog was adopted when he was a small puppy and now he’s giving back by helping the foster kitten in an amazing way – as you will see in the pictures & VIDEO below:

When Charlie met Phoenix they never wanted to leave each other.


When Phoenix first met the dog, she was a little skeptical, but then things changed…


 Phoenix quickly made friends with the dog and the rest is history!


 Now they even take naps together.  Charlie makes for an excellent bed :)

kitten-and-dog-4 This inseparable pair is an amazing example about how rescue can change an animals life. WATCH the video below to see a day in the life’s of Phoenix and Charlie! :)

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