Ever Wondered What The Most Popular Cat Name Is? Well, Here It Is!

Have you ever wondered what the most popular cat name is?  A couple helpful images from Vocativ.com and Rover.com might solve the mystery.

How did they figure this out?

Rover.com is a pet sitting service that helps connect pets with loving pet sitters.  They gather the names of pets and then use this compiled data from pet parents nationwide to uncover the most popular cat names.

In the image below, they even compare cat names to dog names with some explanation along with it, very interesting!


Vocativ.com also did a similar study particularly in the U.S.  They took the data from over 75,000 cats that used Veterinary Pet Insurance company and found some interesting results which you can also see below.

If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular cat names are in each state, just check this out:


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(sources: vocativ, rover)

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