Everyone Needs To See THIS Before They Think About Getting A Cat… Seriously!

Are you thinking about getting a cat, or know someone who is thinking about getting a cat?  These helpful cartoon images from 8bitrevolver give some perfect reasoning when choosing a cat!

When most people think about getting a cat, they usually choose a kitten, while the older ones are neglected… It’s sad to say, but in most cases this does happen.

Every cat is special.  Every cat deserves a chance to be your best friend… :)

before-you-get-a-cat-1 before-you-get-a-cat-2 before-you-get-a-cat-3 before-you-get-a-cat-4All cats deserve an equal chance, don’t you agree? “They still purr, they still love a warm lap, they still play and they still love you.”

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Via: Tickld8bitrevolver

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