Evil Cat Is About To Knock The Vase Over, But He Gets Caught, Watch What He Does Next… LOL!!

This funny cat has a real sense of humor, but maybe not to some people who care about their flower vases!  This cat is kinda evil sometimes and likes to nock over just about EVERYTHING jun sight!

However, this time, right when he’s about to execute his motives to destroy the vase and shove it off the counter, he is discovered by the camera and his human…He instantly uses his paw to place it back in it’s original place!

This video is short, but it’s hilarious!  Refresh the page to watch it again… Just pay close attention to his paws, LOL!!… Watch Video:

Did you see that?? This kitty puts back the vase anytime a human spots him trying to shove it off the counter, SOO funny—SHARE this video with your friends!!

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