Father cat steps up and helps mother cat giving birth, but then… The end result is just beautiful!

If there ever was a ‘father of the year reward’, this cat would get it! – When this father cat noticed his sweetheart having kittens, he decided to step up as a real role model and help in the most beautiful way I’ve ever seen!

You normally see the mother cat being the main worker in the family when it comes to raising kittens, but this cat father is breaking the stereotypes and helping support the mother of his own kittens!

This story is truly beautiful – There’s nothing like this to bring a smile to our faces! – If only more humans would do the same, imagine what this world would look like??

Yello the cat looked a little stressed at first, but then…

He did his best to help when she had her babies and stayed through the entire thing – he wouldn’t leave her side!

After all her kittens were born, they all snuggled together like the happiest family on earth – something you don’t see all he day in the cat kingdom!

Having some father and baby bonding time – He even helps takes care of them when she needs a break. :)

Thuy Duong Panda from Vietnam shared the touching series of photographs and the wonderful story has been picked up by many news organizations and even featured front and center by BoredPanda! – This cat is showing the rest of the world what it means to be a true dad when even some humans can’t figure it out!

If anything will win your heart, this wonderful relationship will – this cat dad is the best dad of the year!

You could just tell this family is the most connected and loving couple in the world – Beautiful!

These four healthy newborns have the best dad they could ever expect and the whole world couldn’t be more happy!

Sometimes in this world we find a story that touches our hearts to the core and this one does just that – a truly wonderful kitty family!

Pictures via Thuy Duong Panda and h/t via BoredPanda!

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