Fawn Looses Mother In Car Accident, But Then Discovers His Best Friend… A Wonderful Story!!

A fawn lost his mother due to a car accident, but after this, he found a new best friend to cuddle and be with!

Rescuers named the fawn ‘Skye’ but sadly the fawn stopped eating, so they called a rescue sanctuary for help. (For The Love Of Animals)

Thankfully the fawn started eating again, but during this time something very wonderful happened—Skye met Oliver the ginger cat and it was best friends at first sight!


These adorable best friends immediately bonded and love each other to death!


Oliver the ginger kitty even gets a bath from his new friend—they couldn’t get along any better!

After Skye lost his mother, all seemed hopeless, but then he met Oliver his comforter and best friend.


These two peas in a pod are just as cute as it gets… Awwww!


This kitty has become this little fawn’s comforter and they never want to leave each other—SHARE this beautiful story with your friends! :)

Via: All for the Love of Animals | sweatpantsandcoffee

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