Five Motherless Kittens Almost Died, But This Man Did Something…

Hundreds of kittens and puppies die each year because they loose their moms and can’t fend for themselves, however some kind people at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter have created a new program to help animals just like these!

When they started the New Hope program they knew they would need willing participants to help in daily feeding of helpless kittens and puppies.

This time five motherless kittens needed someone to feed them and fast!  If they didn’t get a foster parent that day, they would have died, but thankfully Peter had a big heart and decided to help these helpless kittens.

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Fostering these kittens requires lots of love and care, but Peter followed through and the results are priceless!


To keep these kittens alive, Peter had to stay up around the clock and make sure that they were nursed and fed.


If it weren’t for him, these kittens wouldn’t have lived.  It’s amazing how a little love and care can give someone special a second chance!


Thanks to Peters love and care, these kittens all survived!

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