Fluffy ‘Supermarket Kitty’ Refuses To Leave His Perch…No Matter What The Managers Do!

This adorable fluffy ginger kitty has decided to make his home in a local supermarket.  The managers and staff have kindly tried to tell the kitty to leave, but he refuses to leave!

It doesn’t matter how hard they try, this kitty has decided that this is his home and he will NOT leave!

His owner has finally come forward and said that the kitty is his and his name is Olly, but apparently this kitty’s owner lives just a block away, so it’s a short distance for this cat to go to find his favorite place; Sansbury’s supermarket!

fluffy-supermarket-kitty-1He has become very popular with shoppers lately and many have posted his photos on social media which is now making him internet-famous! fluffy-supermarket-kitty-2When security removes this kitty, he just walks right back in and finds one of his favorite perches and refuses to leave! fluffy-supermarket-kitty-3

Olly hangs out anywhere he can and gets a frequent petting from passerby’s.


But he’s just TOO cute to resist…People enjoy shopping here even more now!


Olly the ginger kitty has a lot of fluff which entices many shoppers to pet him…It’s safe to say he gets a LOT of love from all the shoppers in the community!

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