Fonzy The Cat Discovers Secret Stash Of Catnip And Just CAN’T Get Enough…This Is Hilarious!

Susan walked into the room only to discover a HUGE mess and all because of one kitty who just couldn’t restrain himself!  Fonzy the 11-month-old kitty just couldn’t resist the urge to tear open the entire package of catnip!

After having the time of his life rolling around on the floor, Susan had to clean up the mess, but it doesn’t even matter, because the video she captured is both hilarious and adorable!

This is just TOO adorable and funny! Watch the video she captured:

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“I adopted him from Cannonsvile Critters Rescue at the recommendation of it’s founder Michelle Hocking.  I told her Elvis (the dog) needed a cool guy to play with.  She picked out the purrfect best friend for Elvis.  And when you’re Elvis, your buddy has to be super cool. So Fonzy it was!” Susan told also TheMeowPost.

When Susan adopted Fonzy, he fell in love with her dog and now they’re best friends as you can see below!



Adopting Fonzy was the best decision for everyone in the house, including Elvis!  It’s such a cute and happy family when they’re all together!

Fonzy also stands on his back legs and requests to be petted!  Just another thing to love about Fonzy. :)

image1 image2

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