Funny Cat Has A New Way of Moving Around The House, It’s Hilarious… LOL, Just Watch!

This cat is hilarious, he has come up with a funny new way of moving across the rug.  Instead of walking like a normal cat or crawling, this kitty does something I’ve NEVER seen a cat do before!

This cat’s rear legs are not hurt, but he refuses to let them touch the carpet for some weird and odd reason.  It makes for a very funny video that I couldn’t help but chuckle at, LOL!!

Watch what this cat does to get across the floor… hahaha, Watch Video:

Oh my…I wonder what he’s doing?? I’ve NEVER seen a cat do this before—SHARE this story with your friends! :)

Update:  Some people have expressed great concern that this cat has worms or is in trouble, please note this cat is just fine and is not in trouble or dying from worms.  Please note that in some cases this may be an indication of worms, but also know that some cats also do weird and funny things.  We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

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