Ginger kitty found on side of road abandoned, left in hot sun, and locked in a pet carrier with his toys

Abandoned any pet is one of the saddest and sickest things that anyone could ever do to an animal, but sadly in the world we live in, things like this happen all the time. Luckily this story ended up ending much better than other stories that have happened before.

A kind man was walking along a sidewalk in England when he saw the most heartbreaking scene in front of him. It was a cat locked in his cage in the middle of the sun without any water. The only thing he had with him was his blanket and his toys.

It was so heartbreaking that it brought tears to my own eyes when I saw the photo below:

Thankfully this man saw the horrifying scene and immediately stopped to save the poor ginger kitty before it was too late. The man who found the kitty abandoned in the sidewalk,  was very worried at first because it was extremely hot that day. luckily he was able to save the poor kitty just in time before anything horrible happened to him. He also found the cats toys left nearby.

The man who found Marcus the ginger cat wanted to adopt him, but sadly he is unable to keep animals in his rental apartment, so he was forced to take him to get adopted.

The owner of the cat was identified later when they found a microchip, after being confronted, he simply justified his own actions by saying “He didn’t want to keep Marcus any longer” so he decided to get rid of him…

It’s a miracle he’s ok now, what a shame anyone could do this to an innocent loving kitty like Marcus!

A very terrible beginning is turning into a happy ending for this sweet ginger kitty — Thankfully Marcus is now happy, healthy and rescued. He now has food and water to drink. With a story like this, he’ll be adopted very soon!

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Photo Credit: Celia Hammond Animal Trust and H/T: The Best Cat Page

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