Girl With Amputated Arm Meets New Best Friend, Your Heart Will Melt When You See It…

This three-legged kitten was was adopted and has instantly become best friends with a 2-year-old girl named Scarlette.  Scarlette herself is an amputee and understands the kitten perfectly.

Scarlette has beat a rare form of cancer, but to live, doctors had to amputate her left arm. As sad as this may be, she’s found a new best friend, this three-legged kitten!

Scarlette loves cats and always has, so the connection between feline and human was almost instant, its a wonderful friendship and amazing story…

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As reported via Simone Tipton to LoveMeow, Scarlette’s mother wanted her to have a kitten to grow up with, but It’s especially amazing that her new kitten is just like her!

It took them half a year, but after much searching, this family finally acquired the perfect fit, a three-legged kitten, but the best part is they found this kitten just in time for Christmas time!


It all began when their family were watching the local news and noticed a story about a three month old kitten that just had an amputation.  They instantly called acquiring on if they could adopt the kitten, but they couldn’t contact anyone to help them, so they knew they had to do something.  They knew this kitten was destined to be their daughters companion.

They decided to drive the distance to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus and ask them in person to adopt the kitten!


Scarlette loves cats, but when she saw this kitten and found out that there was someone out there with the same similar condition, she was full of excitement and happiness—Their family knew this kitten was the one!


How could anyone say “NO” to a perfect match like this?


This kitten was adopted by the family and everyone knows it was a match made in heaven, and at the perfect time—just in time for Christmas!  There couldn’t be a better gift then this.

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Source: YouTube, LoveMeow

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