He Brought This Cat Back To Life, But Just Watch How Kitty Repays Him…Cat Won’t Stop Doing THIS.

You might remember a previous video when this man found a frozen kitty outside his front door. He saw a twitch in the cat’s paw, and began to do kitty CPR. The cat slowly came back to life and they warmed the poor thing with lots of blankets.

But now? After a full checkup, the man has kept the sweet kitten who is so grateful to be safe and sound in a loving home! They named the kitty Lazarus appropriately, but this cute bundle of fur just can’t keep from doing this anytime he sees his human!

The sweet kitten just can’t help but follow his owner anywhere he goes! He has to be in the same room as the man and makes sure he is right there for cuddles and snuggles. It’s the sweetest thing ever! You’ve got to see this ending to an amazing rescue. Watch Video:

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