He Comes To Class EVERY Day, Gets ‘A’ Grades For Being The Cutest Classmate EVER…

Not everyone enjoys going to school, but Bubba is not your average student. He loves attending classes at Leland High School in San Jose, California. Bubba loves to visit school, attend classes, and get attention from the other students.

But Bubba is not human, he’s a cat who’s spent so much time in classes, that he’s earned his own student body card at Leland High School—He’s probably the cutest classmate anyone could have too!

Bubba never skips a class.

Bubba_has_his_own_deskBubba has purrfect attendance at school. His favorite activities are attending class, and sporting events, and hanging out with the students on the campus. Bubba has the run of the place. He’s the only student who can freely roam the halls at any time, or leave to use the bathroom. There’s no need for him to raise his paw, after all, he only has to meow to get what he wants.

All students are entitled to their own student body ID card.

GraBubba has spent so much time at school that he’s earned his own ID card. But Bubba doesn’t actually live in the school. He lives in a house with his owner Amber Marienthal. Their house is located right behind the school. Initially he was an indoor only cat, but he soon let Amber know that he wanted to attend school.

Let me in!

bubba_waits_at_doorAmber says that Bubba has a really loud meow. He’ll let you know what he wants. Every morning he waits by the school door, until someone lets him in. The students at Leland school petitioned for a statue to be made in Bubba’s honor. So far, their request has been denied. Perhaps they should let Bubba yowl his request?

Good morning Bubba!

Bubba_gets_pettedOnce the students arrive, he eagerly awaits his pets and attention. Amber says that he’s an extremely social kitty, and never gets frightened. Apparently one time a teacher gave him treats. He remembered and would voice his displeasure by that teacher’s door if there were none for the next visit.

Bubba has his own locker.

Bubba_has_his_own_lockerBubba loves to investigate the student’s lockers. It’s expected that he’ll attend the 2017 graduating class in cap and gown.

Time to get a few z’s in before class starts.

Bubba_sleeps_in_classroomAmber says that Bubba leaves home right before school starts, and doesn’t return back home until the last sporting event ends for the day.

Sometimes there aren’t enough desks to go around.

Bubba_with_studentSome days, a cat must teach the student that sharing is awesome!

But somedays he gets his own desk.

Bubba_lies_on_deskBubba teaches the students that everyday attendance is important for success in school. He certainly never misses a day.

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