He Heard Desperate Meowing, But When He Discovered What It Was… My Heart Stopped.

He was started by a rattling fence and then he heard the most desperate meowing ever, but when he discovered what it was, he couldn’t believe his eyes!  A cat somehow had got his head stuck in a chain link fence!

The kind human was able to get let the poor meowing cat go after going back for some tools to help free the poor frightened cat.  I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they heard the poor cat crying for help!

It was very unusual what he found next to the poor meowing cat, YouTube user ‘Garth Kiser’ said that when he discovered the cat, “My arrival scared off a herd of rabbits that was standing around gawking. The cat likely got stuck while chasing the rabbits.”

It’s quite unlikely to see something like this… Watch Video:

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